Is DMOZ still 'active'?

I think only an editor can give you a true answer but, from my experience, DMOZ has been awful quiet since Google dropped them in July 2011.

Let's see what the public thinks about DMOZ though...

Is DMOZ...


Update: As of Mar 17, 2017, is no longer available. The editors have set up a static mirror here.

DMOZ directory is dead for various reasons

  1. Web has grown too big to be listed in a web directory. Too many sites.
  2. Favours by corrupts editors have diluted the impact
  3. Site gets updated often, while DMOZ is most of the time once listed forever thing.
  4. Traffic to DMOZ has gone down considerably. Less people use it.
  5. Most of the older DMOZ editors have moved to other interesting projects or are very less active. Its more easier to become a DMOZ editor today than ever before.

DMOZ is shutting its doors on March 14, 2017. This from an announcement currently on the front page.

There's not been any other public declaration of the reasons. From what I can glean from the editors forum this was pretty much a surprise and was announced with very short notice.

So, the answer to the original question is: Yes it is.