Chemistry - Is borazine aromatic?

The modern definition of aromaticity from deep theoreticians is that the π-system needs to support aromatic ring currents. Borazine can support it, so it is technically aromatic.

Aromatic systems that do not contain carbon are not really all that common, but they are known. Pentazole was detected, for example. The problem is, that for aromaticity to be a thing we need a π-system, and π-systems effectively restrict us to BCNOS elements, since other elements are not eager to form π-bonds. Aromatic systems are usually 5- or 6-membered rings. Add in the fact that rings with a lot of N/O atoms often happily go kaboom after a funny look, and it's not surprising we have very few actual examples here. Still, some people insist on doing unreasonable things with results from as far back as the 50s.