Apple - iPhone: Show clean Camera feed without any on-screen controls

After testing and searching paid and free apps for hours. I found a free app that does this. TrueVisage. Tested with iPhone 8, connected to my MacBook with USB-C cable and recording into Quicktime. It has a minimal interface that disappears after a few secs. Leaving beautiful, HQ, controls-free, watermark-free views of front or rear camera. Also has a handy flip function. Winner!

This allows me to use my iphone like an external web camera, connected via USB-C, which looks much better than the icam native to my MacBook Pro.

Note: Notifications from other apps may still come on screen and show in the view. Disable notifications before going live.

This is not possible with the built-in Camera app, or with any other built-in app.

The built-in Camera app doesn't provide options to completely hide the top toolbar and the controls shown at the bottom.

Since this is technically feasible, you may search the App Store for any 3rd-party app(s) which offers the said functionality. For e.g., try searching for minimalistic Camera app on Web/App Store to look for relevant matches.

I was having this same issue and didn't find any free, easy solutions so I just created my own: