iOS SwiftUI how to bring up extra actions like "Embed in VStack" when interacting with code?

Extra SwiftUI actions show when Canvas is opened (shortcut: Option-Command-Enter or ⌥+⌘+↵):

when canvas close canvas is closed

when canvas is open canvas is opened

The accepted answer doesn't work for me on macOS 10.15.5 and Xcode 11.4.1.

The Good news is that you can get it via a shortcut of [Command][Shift][Left Click] on a SwiftUI element or by clicking Show Code Actions on the right click menu.

Right click > Show Code Actions

You can change the command click behavior where you were looking under Xcode -> Preferences, Navigate tab.

enter image description here

Rather unintuitively, if you pick "Selects Code Structure", then command+click will bring up the SwiftUI menu options you're looking for (granted the canvas is open).

If you do this, you can still jump to definition via control+command+click

Conversely, if you'd prefer to continue to use command+click to jump to definition, you can instead use control+command+click to bring up the SwiftUI menu options.