IOS 13 CNContacts No Longer Working To Retrieve All Contacts

The latest entitlement for iOS 13 is not updated in Xcode as well as in-app id configuration in Apple developer portal. Currently, we are blocked because of the same. Can someone please let us know how to proceed with this. If we add manually to an entitlement, it throws an error which says:

Provisioning profile "iOS Development Profile" doesn't include the entitlement.


In iOS 13, apple have added a new entitlement that is needed if you wish to access the notes for contacts. The entitlement is You can request permission to use this entitlement for an app being put in the App Store.

The reason it was added is primarily for privacy reasons — the notes field can contain any information you might have on the contact; and a lot of times this information is significantly more sensitive than just the contact information.

As of 2019-08-15, this entitlement sits in the beta category, which means it may be subject to change before the release of iOS 13, and the name of the entitlement will probably stabilize in it’s presentation to the developer in Xcode.

For me this seemed to be caused by the presence of CNContactNoteKey in the "keys to fetch". Removing it restores functionality.

I see you have CNContactNoteKey present, too.

I have flagged this to Apple as a bug.