IOS 12 PWA support

PWAs are a complex collection of features and functionalities. Apple added an initial support for some PWA characteristics in iOS 11.3 in march 2018. You can read a really good explanation here, with their significant limitations:

Progressive Web Apps on iOS are here

Unfortunately iOS 12.0 doesn't seem to have improved the support in any significant way.

SEP2019 UPDATE: iOS 13.0 is here, and with it many bug fixes regarding PWAs, new installation UI and other stuff. But still no push notifications:

MAR2019 UPDATE: This is the definitive state of PWA support in iOS 12.2 stable. It's improving but it's still a long journey:

JAN2019 UPDATE: It seems like Apple is moving forward! Beta1 of iOS 12.2 has improved the PWA support. Still no push notifications though: