iOS 11, 12, and 13 installed certificates not trusted automatically (self signed)

Recommended solution is to install and trust a self-signed certificate (root). Assuming you created your own CA and the hierarchy of the certificated is correct you don't need to change the server trust evaluation. This is recommended because it doesn't require any changes in the code.

  1. Generate CA and the certificates (you can use openssl: Generating CA and self-signed certificates.
  2. Install root certificate (*.cer file) on the device - you can open it by Safari and it should redirect you to Settings
  3. When the certificated is installed, go to Certificate Trust Settings (Settings > General > About > Certificate Trust Settings) as in MattP answer.

If it is not possible then you need to change server trust evaluation.

More info in this document: Technical Q&A QA1948 HTTPS and Test Servers

I've been struggling with this for 3 days now while attempting to connect to a local API running Laravel valet. I finally figured it out. In my case I had to drag and drop over the LaravelValetCASelfSigned.pem file from ~/.config/valet/CA/LaravelValetCASelfSigned.pem

After verifying the installing within the simulator I had to go to Settings > About > Certificate Trust Settings > and Enable the Laravel Valet VA Self Signed CN

Finally working!!!

This has happened to me also, after undating to IOS11 on my iPhone. When I try to connect to the corporate network it bring up the corporate cert and says it isn't trusted. I press the 'trust' button and the connection fails and the cert does not appear in the trusted certs list.

While writing this question, I discovered the answer. Installing a CA from Safari no longer automatically trusts it. I had to manually trust it from the Certificate Trust Settings panel (also mentioned in this question).

enter image description here

I debated canceling the question, but I thought it might be helpful to have some of the relevant code and log details someone might be looking for. Also, I never encountered the issue until iOS 11. I even went back and reconfirmed that it automatically works up through iOS 10.

I've never needed to touch that settings panel before, because any installed certificates were automatically trusted. Maybe it will change by the time iOS 11 ships, but I doubt it. Hopefully this helps save someone the time I wasted.

If anyone knows why this behaves differently for some people on different versions of iOS, I'd love to know in comments.

Update 1: Checking out the first iOS 12 beta, it looks like things remain the same. This question/answer/comments are still relevant on iOS 12.

Update 2: Same solution seems to be needed on iOS 13 beta builds as well.