Invalid Gradle JDK configuration found. Open Gradle Settings

I also faced the same issue but for Android Studio Version 4.1.2 I tried below step and it worked as a charm for me.

  1. Delete the .idea folder from the File Explorer/Finder.
  2. Open Files -> Settings -> Gradle.
  3. Change Gradle user Home to Project_Path/.gradle (D:/Work/Project/.gradle) and apply it.
  4. Sync the project

I got this issue in Android studio 4.2 canary, and I had to delete those generated files:

  • .idea/gradle.xml
  • .idea/workspace.xml

then clicking try again to sync the project.

The IDE seems to use a value defined in the .idea/gradle.xml file in your project.

If in that file, you have something like the following:

<option name="gradleJvm" value="12.0.1" />

try replacing it with that instead:

<option name="gradleJvm" value="1.8" />

EDIT: This was a bug in Android Studio 4.1 canary/beta that got fixed in 4.1 beta 2.