Intel graphics hardware H264 MFT ProcessInput call fails after feeding few input samples, the same works fine with Nvidia hardware MFT

I looked at your code.

According to your post, i suspect an Intel video processor problem.

My OS is Win7, so i decide to test the video processor behaviour with a D3D9Device on my Nvidia card, and then on an Intel HD Graphics 4000.

I suppose the video processor capabilities will behave the same way for a D3D9Device as for a D3D11Device. Of course it will be necessary to check.

So i made this program to check : (see D3D9VideoProcessor sub-project)

It seems you do not check sufficient things about the video processor capabilities.

With IDXVAHD_Device::GetVideoProcessorDeviceCaps, here is what i check :

DXVAHD_VPDEVCAPS.MaxInputStreams > 0

DXVAHD_VPDEVCAPS.VideoProcessorCount > 0

DXVAHD_VPDEVCAPS.OutputFormatCount > 0

DXVAHD_VPDEVCAPS.InputFormatCount > 0


I also check input and output format supported with IDXVAHD_Device::GetVideoProcessorOutputFormats and IDXVAHD_Device::GetVideoProcessorInputFormats.

This is where i found a difference between Nvidia GPU and Intel GPU.

NVIDIA : 4 output format

  • D3DFMT_A8R8G8B8
  • D3DFMT_X8R8G8B8
  • D3DFMT_NV12

INTEL : 3 output format

  • D3DFMT_A8R8G8B8
  • D3DFMT_X8R8G8B8

On Intel HD Graphics 4000, there is no support for the NV12 output format.

Also for the program to work correctly, i need to setup stream state before using VideoProcessBltHD :


For D3D11 :

ID3D11VideoProcessorEnumerator::GetVideoProcessorCaps == IDXVAHD_Device::GetVideoProcessorDeviceCaps

(D3D11_VIDEO_PROCESSOR_FORMAT_SUPPORT_OUTPUT) ID3D11VideoProcessorEnumerator::CheckVideoProcessorFormat == IDXVAHD_Device::GetVideoProcessorOutputFormats

(D3D11_VIDEO_PROCESSOR_FORMAT_SUPPORT_INPUT) ID3D11VideoProcessorEnumerator::CheckVideoProcessorFormat == IDXVAHD_Device::GetVideoProcessorInputFormats

ID3D11VideoContext::(...) == IDXVAHD_VideoProcessor::SetVideoProcessStreamState

Could you first verify the video processor capabilities of your GPU. Do you see same difference as i see ?

This is the first thing we need to know, and it seems your program does not check this, from what i've seen on your github project.