Installing Mozilla extension from command line

Solution 1:

Taken from Mozillazine...

Generic Install

firefox.exe -install-global-extension extension.xpi

Specific Profile

firefox.exe -profile "path to profile folder" -install-global-extension extension.xpi

Batch Install

for %%e in ("path to extensions\*.xpi") do "firefox.exe" -install-global-extension "%%e"
for %%e in ("path to themes\*.jar") do "firefox.exe" -install-global-theme "%%e"

Someone in the thread asserts they work for Thunderbird in the same manner.

Solution 2:

Check this post out, might help you.

Solution 3:

The command line option -install-global-extension has been deprecated as of Gecko 1.9.2, FF 3.6.x, TB 3.1.x.

Mozilla now suggest to:

Copy the .xpi file into the <installation_directory>\extensions folder.

Solution 4:

Here is mozilla-extension-manager bash script that can automate downloading xpi file, installing and removing Mozilla Firefox extensions (local or globally) via cli (command line) commands without gui.