installing GEOS, PROJ, GDAL/OGR into a python virtualenv on Mac OS X

If each Framework of Kyngchaos is in the PATH, it is easy. Every framework has a Unix folder, with the libraries for compiling things like pyproj or geos python wherever you want, even in a private Python environment (I've never had a problem)

The only problem is that Gdal python is in the Gdal Framework. But in site-packages there a file gdal.pth

gdal.pth file:

import sys; sys.path.insert(0,'/Library/Frameworks/GDAL.framework/Versions/1.7/Python/site-packages')

if you do not want to compile it yourself, copy this file in your isolated python virtualenv

I make replicable Python/C/C++ GIS environments using virtualenv and zc.buildout. My ichpage project is a little dated but could serve as a template for an up-to-date one (like the one I use for my Pleiades site development work and deployments). Blog post about it at

If you need to use OSX you can easily avoid installation complexities by installing homebrew!

After this the only commands you will need to enter are:

brew install gdal

It will automatically install also proj and geos because they are gdal dependencies.