Apple - Installed mpv with Brew, but nothing in Applications

If you want to have the application linked to ~/Applications, have homebrew do that.

brew linkapps mpv

Since "linkapps" is being removed (for reasons) across all brew recipes, you might instead tap the cask which drops a functioning mpv into Applications and runs more like an app than a command line tool.

brew cask install mpv

As brew linkapps is now deprecated, the correct way to do this is to use the --with-bundle option when installing mpv.

brew install mpv --with-bundle

Because you said you have mpv installed with brew already, it's better to uninstall mpv first with brew uninstall mpv --force After that, run the installation command above.

When the installation is finished, go to your mpv installation folder:


You will see an in there. Right-click > Make Alias. Copy/move the alias into your Applications folder. Remove the 'alias' from the filename, so you'll have "" in your Applications :)

Reference: mpv formula in homebrew's repository -

I prefer using --with-bundle rather than cask install as it allows me to use more compile options and to install different versions of mpv (e.g. --HEAD) as opposed to the pre-built package that cask install uses. Hope this helps!