Increase distance between title and plot in matplolib?

With matplotlib 2.2+, you can use the keyword argument pad:

ax.set_title('Title', pad=20)

Adjust pad until you're happy with the axis title position. The advantage of this method over using rcParams is that it only changes this one axis title.

You can just pass y parameter into plt.suptitle method:

plt.suptitle('Amazing Stats', size=16, y=1.12);      

There doesn't seem to be a clean way to set this directly (but might be worth a feature request to add that), however the title is just a text artist, so you can reach in and change it.

#ax = plt.gca()
ttl = ax.title
ttl.set_position([.5, 1.05])

should do the trick. Tune the 1.05 to your liking.