In Opera 11, how can I set up shortcuts to switch to specific tabs?

Well here's the right answer; we're lucky, it came out on june 1st. Also, here is the list of all of Opera's Actions commands, but i could'nt figure that one out...

Preferences (Ctrl+F12) > Advanced tab > Shortcuts > Edit {a duplicate of Opera Standard preferably} > Application > New... > {choose shortcut like: w alt} > Actions :: Show popup menu, "Internal Window List"

Opera users should have these two sites bookmarked.

There doesn't appear to be a way, at least it's not listed on their shortcuts page and I didn't find a way to do it. Though you can customize shortcuts, you can't add new actions and there aren't any actions for visiting tabs 1-9. I customized Opera to use Ctrl-PageUp/PageDown to go to the previous/next tab, but it's not as fast as going directly to a tab.