In JShell, how to import classpath from a Maven project

You can use the jshell-maven-plugin:

mvn com.github.johnpoth:jshell-maven-plugin:1.3:run

which will fire up a JShell session with your project's runtime path. If you want to include your test dependencies just add -DtestClasspath to the command.

NOTE: the plugin expects the project to be built already. If not, invoke the appropriate Maven build phase before the plugin e.g:

mvn [install|compile|test-compile] com.github.johnpoth:jshell-maven-plugin:1.3:run

Source code:; contributions are welcome :) full disclaimer: I wrote the plugin.


I wrote a simple shell script put in the execution search path:

Shell script file: mshell (for *inux)

mvn dependency:build-classpath -DincludeTypes=jar -Dmdep.outputFile=.cp.txt
jshell --class-path `cat .cp.txt`:target/classes

Shell script file: mshell (for Windows cmd.exe)

mvn dependency:build-classpath -DincludeTypes=jar -Dmdep.outputFile=.cp.txt
for /F %i in (.cp.txt) do jshell --class-path "%i;target/classes"

Then in the maven project directory (for multi-module project, make sure in the module directory instead of parent directory), run:

$ cd $MAVEN_PROJECT_HOME   #make sure module folder for multi-module project
$ mshell

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Thanks Jay for pointing out -DincludeTypes=jar maven option.

See In Maven, how to output the classpath being used?.

According to:

jshell --help

run JShell with:

jshell --class-path <path>