Improving/Resolving keyboard input lag with Visual Studio 2013

I also experienced serious keyboard lag when typing with VS2013. For me, things got much better by uninstalling one particular plugin:

Tools --> Extensions and Updates -->  Uninstall Application Insights

I don't remember installing this plugin, but it's called Application Insights Tools for Visual Studio. The referenced page mentions that this extension is a preview, for what it's worth.

I had same experience with VS 2013 ultimate.

It got much better when i disabled CodeLens feature.

(you can find it in Options -> Text Editor -> All Languages -> CodeLens -> uncheck Enable CodeLens)

I had this slow keystroke response issue when editing a Razor file (.cshtml), and with ReSharper active. There was a setting under the Code Editing group within the ReSharper options for Razor --> Context Actions. There are two checkboxes:

   _ Convert Razor Block markup to Line markup
   _ Convert Razor Line markup to Block markup

Both of them were checked, which did not make sense, so I unchecked them both. Then went back to editing the file, and voila - instant speedup on my typing!