Ignore specific node within array when comparing two JSON in Java

After some digging in the javadoc for JSONAssert, I saw an example that used an array of objects. From that example I was able to modify your test case:

    public void compareJsonStrIgnoringDiffInArray() throws JSONException {
        String errorMsg = "";
        String expectedJsonStr = "{\"anArray\": [{\"id\": \"valueA\"}, {\"colour\": \"Blue\"}]}";
        String actualJsonStr = "{\"anArray\": [{\"id\": \"valueB\"}, {\"colour\": \"Blue\"}]}";

        //Create custom comparator which compares two json strings but ignores reporting any differences for anArray[n].id values
        //as they are a tolerated difference

        ArrayValueMatcher<Object> arrValMatch = new ArrayValueMatcher<>(new CustomComparator(
                new Customization("anArray[*].id", (o1, o2) -> true)));

        Customization arrayValueMatchCustomization = new Customization("anArray", arrValMatch);
        CustomComparator customArrayValueComparator = new CustomComparator(
        JSONAssert.assertEquals(expectedJsonStr, actualJsonStr, customArrayValueComparator);