Identity Server 4 - IDX10630: PII is hidden

For those who are having the same problem: The ShowPII configuration is set globally, it's a static property of IdentityModelEventSource and can be set in the Startup class, for example. Once I added it I could see that it was throwing a InvalidIssuer exception for token validation. For me it was related to how I was generating the JWT to communicate with my API (which is protected with Identity Server 4). I was generating the token over the url: http://localhost:5002(out side of docker-compose network) which is different them the url Identity Server issuer inside my API: http://<<docker-service-name>>. So, if you are using docker-compose and manage to use your Identity Server as a separated container inside the same docker-compose, be aware that your authentication should generate a token with IDENTICAL issuer that is used in your API.

You can see more details in development by adding the following to Configure() in the Startup class:

if (env.IsDevelopment())
     IdentityModelEventSource.ShowPII = true;