Hystrix Request Caching by Example

Per the documentation you linked to here,

Request caching is enabled by implementing the getCacheKey() method on a HystrixCommand object...

You haven't implemented getCacheKey(),

protected String getCacheKey() {
    return String.valueOf(id); // <-- changed from `value` in example

Then you also need a HystrixRequestContext

HystrixRequestContext context = HystrixRequestContext.initializeContext();

Which is (again, per the documentation)

Typically this context will be initialized and shutdown via a ServletFilter that wraps a user request or some other lifecycle hook.

Then I believe you cannot change the method signature of execute() like that (doExecute() isn't part of the interface) instead you pass the parameter to your command constructor and please annotate execute with an @Override so you get a compiler error if you forget and then

HystrixRequestContext context = HystrixRequestContext.initializeContext();
GetFizzCommand commandA = new GetFizzCommand(2L);
GetFizzCommand commandB = new GetFizzCommand(2L);
Fizz a = commandA.execute(); // <-- should not be cached
Fizz b = commandB.execute(); // <-- should be cached.