are mime types used in javascript code example

Example 1: html script mime type

<script type="text/javascript"></script>

Example 2: How to Get The MIME Type of a File in JavaScript

    This code comes from Vincent Lab
    And it has a video version linked here:

// Import dependencies
const mime = require("mime");

console.log(mime.getType("txt"));                                     // ⇨ "text/plain"
console.log(mime.getType("test.txt"));                                // ⇨ "text/plain"
console.log(mime.getType("F:vincentlab\\videos\\test.txt"));          // ⇨ "text/plain"

console.log(mime.getExtension("text/plain"));                         // ⇨ "txt"

mime.define({"text/test": ["test", "tt"]});


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