align buttons right code example

Example 1: align button right

<input type="button" value="Click Me" style="float: right;">

Example 2: how to right align a text button

.flex-box {
  justify-content:space-between; //button with flex box
  outline: 2px dashed blue;

.flex-box-2 {
  justify-content: flex-end;
  outline: 2px deeppink dashed;

Example 3: how to right align a text button

<h1>Button with Text</h1>
<div class="flex-box">
<p>Once upon a time in a ...</p>
<button>Read More...</button>

<h1>Only Button</h1>         //button with flex box
<div class="flex-box-2">
  <button>The Button</button>

<h1>Multiple Buttons</h1>
<div class="flex-box-2">
  <button>Button 1</button>
  <button>Button 2</button>


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