HP iLO Wildcard SSL using MS Certificate Services?

Solution 1:

It's possible to use the iLO scripting interfaces to get the certificate request and import the reply. That would be using CPQLOCFG or HPONCFG for the iLO I/O.

If you're a programming sort, there's a perl version of cpqlocfg that could be used to fetch the request, programmatically submit it to the Microsoft CA, fetch the reply, and update iLO.

Solution 2:

The real problem you have is that you need to get the HP iLO to issue a wildcard certificate request in the first place. From my quick searching of the HP IT Resource Center this doesn't appear possible.

What I did find however was a great post at The Lazy Admin - Using Certificates with Compaq/HP RILOE and ILO Hardware which step-by-step walks you through the process of requesting a HP iLO cert against a MS Certificate Authority.

With respect to SSL wildcards in general have a read of Publishing Multiple Web Sites Using a Wildcard Certificate in ISA Server 2004 though focussed on ISA it explains what needs to happen with respect to the request.