Howto WCF Service HTTPS Binding and Endpoint Configuration in IIS with Load Balancer?

I'm answering this as I've been asked by a few people who know that the app is in production, but didn't see an answer here.

We couldn't solve this in the above scenario. HTTPS from the client to the load balancer is OK. The problem is when the load balancer takes that connection and points it to a web server in an unencrypted format. This seemingly breaks the WCF protocol. The client is sending HTTPS communications but the server is getting unencrypted communication.

We solved the issue by passing through all SSL communications.

The best "solution" would be to see if your WCF service was not using the HTTP method of transmission and setting up your load balancer to pass these communications through unaltered. The load balancer could then do its standard operating procedure on regular HTTPS traffic generated from the website.

I haven't tested this as our application scenario requires the WCF service to be compatible with ASP.NET.

Hopefully someone else can elaborate on this with some more information.