Drupal - How to use [submission:values] in Email template in Webforms

I haven't such problem, but I know, how to get special values from webform.

Webform tokens from submitted data. Includes the value and field label. Replace the "?" with the "Field Key". Append ":nolabel" for just the value.

So, you can use [submission:values:?:nolabel], where ? is field key of your component.

 Name: [submission:values:name:nolabel]
 Address: [submission:values:address:nolabel]

For me result is the same as for [submission:values]:

Name: Kate
Address: Moscow, Russia :)

Webform version: 7.x-4.0-alpha6 (7404).

Webform Tokens module is not needed.


If you are using HTML mail, labels are outputted via theme_form_element_label and look like <label>Title</label>\n.

You can override webform-submission.tpl.php. Copy this file to the theme for rendering the emails from admin/config/system/mailsystem.
To add : I suggest just to modify render array:

if ($format == 'html') {
  foreach ($renderable as $i => $item) {
    if (is_array($item) && !empty($item['#title'])) {
      $renderable[$i]['#title'] .= ':';

print drupal_render_children($renderable);

But you can output substitutions fully yourself.