How to use Spark Streaming to read a stream and find the IP over a time Window?

I have solved my problem using this method:

def getFrequentIps(stream, time_window, min_packets):
    frequent_ips = (stream.flatMap(lambda line: format_stream(line))            
                    # Count the occurrences of a specific pair 
                    .countByValueAndWindow(time_window, time_window, 4)
                    # Filter above the threshold imposed by min_packets
                    .filter(lambda count: count[1] >= int(min_packets))
                    .transform(lambda record: record.sortBy(lambda x: x[1], ascending=False)))

    number_items = 20
    print("Every %s seconds the top-%s channles with more than %s packages will be showed: " %
          (time_window, number_items, min_packets))