How to use jq wildcard

If you don't care about the keys in the object you're searching, you could just search the values of the object using [] which you could then filter to your desired results.

.details.addresses[][] | select(.version == 4).addr

If on the other hand you wanted to select keys that has a version 4, you could use to_entries to do this:

.details.addresses | to_entries[] | select(any(.value[]; .version == 4)).key

If, as suggested by part of the question, you want to confine the search to key names starting with "ext":

| to_entries[]
| select(.key|startswith("ext"))
| .value[]
| select(.version == 4)
| .addr

Towards the other end of the spectrum of permissiveness:

| ..
| objects
| select(.version==4)
| .addr