How to use customer token to access my account Query or Mutation in GraphQl

Please try this:

Step 1: Get a bearer token: You can get a token by executing the signup mutation in the playground to create a new user. This is the signup mutation I ran:


mutation {
      generateCustomerToken(email: "[email protected]", password: "password") {


  "data": {
     "generateCustomerToken": {
     "token": "hoyz7k697ubsdsdfsdfsdfsdfv5hcpq92yrtx39i7x"

Step 2: Include the bearer token in your request

Notice there is a text area called HTTP HEADERS at the bottom of the playground. Paste the following code into HTTP HEADERS, replacing your-token-goes-here with the bearer token returned by the server in step 1:

   "Authorization": "Bearer zcnj8wd03u19s5fw1yvkprs23du7tfkh"

Step 3: Run the post mutation Now that you are including a bearer token in your request you can run the post mutation.

Please check and let me know if you are able to get the response.


The resulting token should be used in subsequent requests in the Authorization header as a Bearer token ex:
Authorization: Bearer {{resultFromGenerateCustomerToken}}

I don't think ChromeQL allows the setting request Headers. If you are on OSX you can use this electron app which give you access to set the headers.

Additionally, the graphiql included in the PWA Studio includes the same functionality