How to upload new versions of project to PyPI with twine?

PyPI does not allow for the reuse of distribution filenames (project name + version number + distribution type).

This ensures that a given distribution for a given release for a given project will always resolve to the same file, and cannot be surreptitiously changed one day by the projects maintainer or a malicious party (it can only be removed).

You will need to change the version number to one that you haven't previously uploaded to PyPI.

You didn't mention how you're uploading the distribution, but if you're using twine, it's also possible you're attempting to re-upload a previously uploaded distribution. To resolve this, you can do:

$ twine upload --skip-existing dist/*

Can get that error for following reasons:

  • Didn't change your version in
  • didn't remove your previous dist file


  • Change the version number in
  • Run setup file again. python bdist_wheel.
  • Upload only that dist file or run twine (if using). twine upload --skip-existing dist/*

As mentioned by @dustin, dist file of same name cannot be uploaded again.

The error seems to stem from the command:

twine upload --repository-url dist/*
reusing the previous package version.

To fix this, try this:

twine upload --skip-existing --repository-url