How to upgrade Julia to a new release?

How to upgrade Julia:

Windows & MacOS & Linux

The most trivial way of upgrading Julia is to go to the download page and manually install corresponding binaries. (UPDATE: if you're on old Julia, e.g. v0.6)If you're going to upgrade Julia to a new minor version(e.g. v0.5=>v0.6), you could easily reinstall your old packages by the following steps(Julia-v1.0 shipped with the new package manager, so there is no such hassle):

  1. julia> using Pkg # Pkg.init() if needed
  2. copy REQUIRE file from package directory of the old version to the new one (in this example from .julia/v0.5 to .julia/v0.6) overwriting the existing file
  3. julia> Pkg.resolve() # or Pkg.update()


If you're using Homebrew and homebrew-julia, please follow the instructions here.


Use abelsiqueira's installer jill.

To OP's Question

1.Pkg.update() is used for updating Julia's packages, not Julia itself, so downloading the prebuild version and reinstalling seems to be the only way to upgrade Julia for now. Or you could build Julia from source following the instructions here.

2.The release notes are listed here:


I just wanna share my experience when updating julia from 0.3.11 to 0.4.0.

If you're using Ubuntu you can use:

sudo apt-get dist-upgrade julia

It will bring the previous version be upgraded to the new version. But, the installed packages on the previous version won't be pulled up to the new version.

If you're using IJulia, when you start your "jupyter notebook", your jupyter kernel won't detect the new version of julia, but still detects the previous one. Also, the previous one be a dead kernel. You've to install IJulia manually from


That's all.