Apple - How to uninstall Zoom outlook client from outlook 365 from Mac

I found it! The zoom plug-in / add-in is not provided by the Microsoft store, rather installed by zoom itself, so you won't find it in the Microsoft store > my add-ins area. If you go to finder > applications, you will see a folder called 'Zoom plugin for Outlook', in that folder is an uninstall icon. Close outlook, uninstall, and voila....zoom gone!

This has been especially important since the zoom client no longer works in macOS Catalina, so it's useless to keep it in outlook.

There seems to be a bug in the Outlook interface where for some users the "Store" button that is supposed to give you access to the add-ins doesn't show up in the ribbon.

I have found the following method to be easy to work around it:

  1. Open Microsoft Word instead

  2. Select the "Insert" ribbon

  3. Click "My Add-ins"

You'll now see a list of installed add-ins as well as a link to the store. You should be able to uninstall the Zoom add-in from here.

It seems that some users have luck getting the Store icon back into Outlook itself by doing this in Excel - and yes, it sounds odd, but it needs to be Excel:

  1. Open Excel

  2. In the Template Gallery, choose your avatar at the top left

  3. Click "Sign Out"

  4. Close Excel (shut it down completely)

  5. Open Excel again and the Template Gallery comes up

  6. Click to "Sign in"

  7. Click the "Store" button, then "Add-ins Store" and then "Outlook"

  8. Add any Outlook add-in

  9. Close Excel

Now the "Store" button should become visible in the Home ribbon in Excel.


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