How to uninstall mini conda? python

your have to comment that line in ~/.bashrc:

#export PATH=/home/jolth/miniconda3/bin:$PATH

and run:

source ~/.bashrc

If you are using windows, just search for miniconda and you'll find the folder. Go into the folder and you'll find a miniconda uninstall exe file. Run it.

The proper way to fully uninstall conda (Anaconda / Miniconda):

  1. Remove all conda-related files and directories using the Anaconda-Clean package

    conda activate your_conda_env_name
    conda install anaconda-clean
    anaconda-clean # add `--yes` to avoid being prompted to delete each one
  2. Remove your entire conda directory

    rm -rf ~/miniconda3
  3. Remove the line which adds the conda path to the PATH environment variable

    vi ~/.bashrc
    # -> Search for conda and delete the lines containing it
    # -> If you're not sure if the line belongs to conda, comment it instead of deleting it just to be safe
    source ~/.bashrc
  4. Remove the backup folder created by the the Anaconda-Clean package NOTE: Think twice before doing this, because after that you won't be able to restore anything from your old conda installation!

    rm -rf ~/.anaconda_backup

Reference: Official conda documentation

In order to uninstall miniconda, simply remove the miniconda folder,

rm -r ~/miniconda/

As for avoiding conflicts between different Python environments, you can use virtual environments. In particular, with Miniconda, the following workflow could be used,

$ wget -O ~/
$ bash miniconda
$ conda env remove --yes -n new_env    # remove the environement new_env if it exists (optional)
$ conda create --yes -n new_env pip numpy pandas scipy matplotlib scikit-learn nltk ipython-notebook seaborn python=2
$ activate new_env
$ # pip install modules if needed, run python scripts, etc
  # everything will be installed in the new_env
  # located in ~/miniconda/envs/new_env
$ deactivate