How to track SSIS memory and CPU performance?

HINT: Factorize the numerator and cancel terms arguing why the terms you are canceling are not zero.

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$$\dfrac{2 \sin^2(x) - 5 \sin(x) + 2}{\sin(x) - 2} = \dfrac{2 \sin^2(x) - 4 \sin(x) - \sin(x) + 2}{\sin(x) - 2}\\ = \dfrac{2 \sin(x) (\sin(x) - 2) - ( \sin(x) - 2)}{\sin(x) - 2}\\= \dfrac{(\sin(x) - 2) (2 \sin(x) - 1)}{\sin(x) - 2} = 2 \sin(x) - 1$$ We are allowed to cancel $\sin(x) - 2$ since $\sin(x) \neq 2$, $\forall x \in \mathbb{R}$.

Update May 2019
There was recently a Meta question on this - Changing Apple links depending on region which concludes that, whilst[reference code] is the correct way to link these, caching/cookies sometimes upsets it & it turns out that removing kb/ entirely seems to fix it, leaving[reference code] rather than any country or generic code at all as the simplest & potentially most reliable method.

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I've found the simplest workaround is to clear back the URL to just
This will then usually quickly redirect to your own country, at the entry to the support portal.

Then simply paste the KB article code into the search at the top right of the page, et voilà.

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enter image description here

It may help to write $y = \sin x$. Then the equation simplifies to

$$\frac{2y^2 - 5y + 2}{y - 2} = 2y - 1.$$

To get the result, you could then try doing a polynomial long division on the left hand side.