How to throw an array exception in php

To convert a complex data-structure like an array into a string (e.g. for error messages), you can make use of print_r­Docs and setting it's second parameter to TRUE:

... ": " . print_r($_r['status'], TRUE) . "\n" ...

The problem is that You're trying to merge array with a string. It'll always end like this.

Maybe You should pass to exception an array, so You can later make use of it?

class myException extends Exception {

    private $params;

    public function setParams(array $params) {
        $this->params = $params;

    public function getParams() {
        return $this->params;

// later it can be used like this:
try {
    $exception = new myException('Error!');
    $exception->setParams(array('status' => 1, 'errors' => array());

    throw $exception;
catch (myException $e) {
    // ...

we can using json format

   throw new Exception(json_encode(['type'=>'error','isExit'=>'true','title'=>'SystemConfigError']));

and in the catch

        catch (Exception $error)