How to start application after login on CentOS?

On centos 7 use gnome-session-properties to edit this in the GUI:


This will add a .desktop file in ~/.config/autostart/. You can also alternatively copy the .desktop file yourself.

Auto-start apps / services are scattered out there...

To list all Auto-Start Applications, search for autostart:

ls -1 "/etc/xdg/autostart" "/home/$USER/.config/autostart" \
"/usr/share/gdm/autostart"  "/usr/share/gnome/autostart"

To list all Auto-Start Services:

systemctl list-unit-files --type=service
# OR search for:
ls -1 /lib/systemd/system/*.service /etc/systemd/system/*.service

To list all Init scripts:

ls /etc/init.d/

To list all CronTab schedulers:

crontab -l 
# to edit run: crontab -e