Android - How to set alarm for all calendar events synced from Google account android

Using stock Calendar apps, you can Press "Menu Button" > Tap "More" > Tap "Settings" > Tap "Set Alerts & Notifications" to set the phone to ring for each reminder you've set for each events.


The stock calendar icon:


press "Menu", then tap on "More":

calendar menu

tap "Settings:

calendar more menu

tap "Set alerts & notifications":

calendar settings alert

tap on "Alert":

choose alert

This is on Calendar version 7 on 2.1-eclair Samsung Spica

  1. Log on to Google Calendar Online through web browser (I did this on PC. Not sure if these steps are available on mobile calendar site).
  2. Go to Settings > Calendar Settings > Calenders > Click Notification against your specific Calendar.
  3. Remove reminder for SMS and add Reminder for Pop Up.

By the above steps, whenever a new event is added on-line, it will set an alarm notification for it on mobile when synced.

For already created event, change the notification for each event to Pop Up through web browser.