How to see all output in Far 3?

I realise this is old, and you've already accepted your answer, but I believe that Far 3 comes with the FarCmds plugin (certainly the nightly build that I just downloaded does).

This allows you to copy the output of commands into the edit or view windows, using the edit:, view: and other "commands"... like so:

C:\tmp> edit:< systeminfo

Basically, it's redirecting the command systeminfo into an instance of the editor. You can even copy directly to the clipboard by using clip: instead. FarCmds is one of my most-used plugins.

Problem can be solved by configuring properties of Far window. Increasing a value of right click at title bar -> Properties -> Layout -> Screen buffer size -> Height leads to a proper result.

If you run Farmanager from ConEmu you could run the command and append -new_console:c to it to put it in a new console with the press any key to continue output. You will be able to scroll up.