How to scale text in SVG

I am adding this because the accepted answer does not mention this solution, which is much cleaner.

\includesvg threats whatever text in your figure independently (this is the default option).

The cleanest way to scale your text with your figure is to set the inkscapelatex parameter to false. This document explains this as follow:

If option inkscapelatex=true is set, the output is split into a seperate PDF/EPS/PS file (see optioninkscapeformat) and a corresponding LATEX file. This is the default setting. Setting inkscapelatex=false will result in a single PDF/EPS/PS file, where any contained text won’t be rendered by LATEX.

Therefore, \includesvg[inkscapelatex=false,<other params>]{svgfile}} is what you are looking for.

There are a few different possibilities:

  • \fontsize{8}{10}\selectfont (or whatever size is appropriate) to use a smaller font size.

  • use the same font size as in your document already during the design process in inkscape

  • or, as Harald Hanche-Olsen pointed out in his comment include the graphic with a larger size and scale it down using \scalebox or similar tools.