How to run the Dist Folder on Local Machine in Angular 6+?

You can do that using http-server package.

First install the package globally

npm install http-server -g

Then inside your project directory(in the terminal) just run

http-server dist/

And if you are using Angular 6+ or above (Working with Angular 10), You have to run

http-server dist/your-project-name

Now you can visit http://localhost:8080 to view your application

In my case I did next:

Install http-server globally

npm install http-server -g

Then inside the project directory (in the terminal), I run

http-server dist/[your-project-name]

Now you can visit http://localhost:8080/index.html to view your application. But when I restart the browser page I have to add again /index.html into URL.

It works in Angular 7.x.x version.