How to resolve Failed to read file attributes for "/Users/path/myapp/Images.xcassets" in Xcode?

I found out that my folder name is images.Xcassets, which Group name and Full Path is Images.xcassets. You should check your group name and full path in File inspector.

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Here are two solutions:
1. Remove the group from Project Navigator (ALT+1), and add files back again (OPTION+ALT+A).
2. Click the folder icon from File Inspector (OPTION+ALT+1) and choose a new folder.

It's an issue of latest Xcode9. There are two ways to solve this issue.

Follow these:

  1. Remove reference the images.Xcassets file from your project. Once you remove it from project and add to project again solved my problem.

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  1. If option 1 don't work, delete(Trash) the full images.Xcassets file and add all icon again.

Make sure you add this in your icon name Build settings.

"Quit the Xcode and restart." it worked out for me. I got the same problem with Xcode-9.0. I have tried it in multiple ways like deleting Derived data, Cleaning the project and closing the Xcode but nothing worked.

Delete your derived data and then Quit X code Cmd+q quit the xcode and open it again.