How to reset munin graphs

Solution 1:

Munin data is stored in Round Robin Database files (.rrd). These are stored under /var/lib/munin.

Each host and hostgroup will have it's own subdirectory under /var/lib/munin

Delete the .rrd files under the hostname in question, and your data will be zeroed out. Graphs will be re-generated after a few minutes.

Solution 2:

Or alternatively if you just want to fix the data in the RRD files (for example spike on the network graph on the server reboot), just run:

rrddtool dump /var/lib/munin/xy/z.rrd >z.xml

edit the data in xml file (fix big values, but remember they are in scientific notation) and then just re-create the RRD file:

rrdtool restore z.xml x.rrd

and overwrite the original RRD with this new one. Using this, you can fix the values and still preserve your old data.

EDIT: You can find detailed description and howto here:

Solution 3:

Yes, delete all the *.rrd files in the folder where munin generates the graphs (where the .html files are). /var/lib/munin/xyz/. It's defined in your munin.conf (dbdir).

The rrd files are regenerated on the next run.

Solution 4:

You should also remove the html files that have been created. They are usually located under /var/www/munin/. In that directory, you will find your hostgroup directories. delete the .png files and the .html file of the graph you want to reset.