How to rename project in RubyMine

In addition to modifying the .idea/.name file, there is also a .idea/<project name>.iml file. Open this, do a find/replace with <project name> and <new project name>, then rename this file as well.

Quit RubyMine, and reopen it. This will update everything. In your source control you'll notice a lot of other files which automatically got updated as well.

OK... I just figured it out... IN ADDITION to everything above... you need to rename the .name file (it's just one line with the name of your project) in the .idea directory in the root directory of your project

Updated answer done on RubyMine 6.3.3 when I wanted to rename the project directory:

  1. Close RubyMine
  2. Rename project directory to desired name
  3. Delete the .idea folder
  4. Reopen renamed project directory in RubyMine

I found this to be easier than combining the steps listed on the question and the accepted answer

To rename a project edit .idea/.name file manually.

There is a feature request to add Rename Project action to a File menu, please vote.