How to remove disconnected drives from Windows Explorer

There is an easy way to do this: restart Windows Explorer (without shutting down). You could do this with a batch file, like the following:

@echo off
net use * /delete /noconfirm
taskkill /f /IM explorer.exe
net use x: \\myServer\mySHaredFolder

(Windows 8.1 Tested) restart Windows Explorer by killing and restarting the process in the Task Manager. Right-click Windows Explorer -> Restart. Done.

First, you need have a "Shared Folder" on your hard drive. If you haven't got one already, create a new folder on your hard drive called "Shared", then right-click it and select properties. Click the Sharing tab and tick the "Share this folder" box.

Next, click "My Computer" and in the Tools Menu, click "Map Network Drive".

Notice the little down-arrow next to the drive letter shown. Click the arrow to get a list of letters. Select the one you want to delete, then browse for your Shared folder and select it.

By this means, you will assign the drive letter to a real folder. Make sure the "reconnect at login" box is un-ticked.

Click the Finish button to get a warning. Answer "Yes" and the Shared folder will open. Close it.

Next, right-click the drive in My Computer and select disconnect. Ah, I hear you say, but it is still there! Reboot and it should now be gone.


Windows 7