How to remove Dart DevTools?

Try to run this command :

flutter pub global deactivate devtools

Go to Settings and change the Open Dev Tools Settings to never. If asked after running the app, select Don't Ask again.

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Follow these steps

First go to extension in Vs Code and select Dart extension

Now click on setting Icon

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Now search Dart: Dev Tools Port in search bar

Now click on setting icon of Dart: Dev Tools Port

Then click on Reset Setting

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For more information please this documentation Dart settings

To disable DevTools:

Open VS Code settings and search for Dart: Open Dev Tools and set it to never. (Removing "dart.openDevTools": "flutter" from settings.json should work too)

To uninstall/remove DevTools, you can run:

  • pub global deactivate devtools (if you have pub on your path)
  • or flutter pub global deactivate devtools (if you have flutter on your path)