How to remove CocoaPods from a project?

Removing CocoaPods from a project is possible, but not currently automated by the CLI. First thing, if the only issue you have is not being able to use an xcworkspace you can use CocoaPods with just xcodeprojs by using the --no-integrate flag which will produce the Pods.xcodeproj but not a workspace. Then you can add this xcodeproj as a subproject to your main xcodeproj.

If you really want to remove all CocoaPods integration you need to do a few things:

NOTE editing some of these things if done incorrectly could break your main project. I strongly encourage you to check your projects into source control just in case. Also these instructions are for CocoaPods version 0.39.0, they could change with new versions.

  1. Delete the standalone files (Podfile Podfile.lock and your Pods directory)
  2. Delete the generated xcworkspace
  3. Open your xcodeproj file, delete the references to Pods.xcconfig and libPods.a (in the Frameworks group)
  4. Under your Build Phases delete the Copy Pods Resources, Embed Pods Frameworks and Check Pods Manifest.lock phases.
  5. This may seem obvious but you'll need to integrate the 3rd party libraries some other way or remove references to them from your code.

After those steps you should be set with a single xcodeproj that existed before you integrated CocoaPods. If I missed anything let me know and I will edit this.

Also we're always looking for suggestions for how to improve CocoaPods so if you have an issues please submit them in our issue tracker so we can come up with a way to fix them!


As shown by Jack Wu in the comments there is a third party CocoaPods plugin that can automate these steps for you. It can be found here. Note that it is a third party plugin and might not always be updated when CocoaPods is. Also note that it is made by a CocoaPods core team member so that problem won't be a problem.

pod deintegrate and pod clean are two designated commands to remove CocoaPod from your project/repo.

Here is the complete set of commands:

$ sudo gem install cocoapods-deintegrate cocoapods-clean
$ pod deintegrate
$ pod cache clean --all
$ rm Podfile

The original solution was found here:

CocoaPod documentation on pod deintegrate:

To remove pods from a project completely you need to install two thing first...those are follows(Assuming you have already cocoa-pods installed in your system.)...

  1. Cocoapods-Deintegrate Plugin
  2. Cocoapods-Clean Plugin


  1. Cocoapods-Deintegrate Plugin

    Use this following command on your terminal to install it.

    sudo gem install cocoapods-deintegrate
  2. Cocoapods-Clean Plugin

    Use this following command on your terminal to install it.

    sudo gem install cocoapods-clean


First of all goto your project folder by using the as usual command like..

cd (path of the project) //Remove the braces after cd

Now use those two plugins to remove it completely as follows..

  1. Cocoapods-Deintegrate Plugin

    Use this following command on your terminal to deintegrate the pods from your project first.

     pod deintegrate

Deintegrating Pods

  1. Cocoapods-Clean Plugin

    After deintegration of pod from your project use this following command on your terminal to clean it completely.

     pod clean

    After completing the above tasks there should be the Podfile still remaining on your project directory..Just delete that manually or use this following command on the terminal..

     rm Podfile

Thats it...Now you have your project free from pods...Cleaned.

Removing Cocoapods from the system.

Any way try to use the following command on your terminal to uninstall/remove the coca-pods from your system.

sudo gem uninstall cocoapods

It will remove the coca-pods automatically.

Thanks. Hope this helped.