How to query conversations by folder via Graph Api?

The documentation might need some updating. But for now, I can query messages in "DONE" via:


After investigating this endpoint, I think ?folders is some ancient param before the rework of the messaging from messages in folders to conversations to pages. If I query my page for the spam folder, I never get messages listed, even though I flagged some with spam. And while they are flagged with spam, I do not get those on the conversations query (without folder=spam).

I believe, facebook changed the system into tags on conversations. You can get those like so: [page_id]/conversations?fields=participants,messages{tags,message}&folder=sent.

enter image description here

Note: The marked "no sent tag" is not related to the folder applied (as they dont work). Maybe the tagging on conversations is the reason you get the same result from querying threads at [page_id]?fields=threads{participants,messages{tags,message}}

enter image description here

So for now I think, one has to get over everthing there to read the inbox. Yet I am a bit sad about not getting flagged spam messages from the graph. I will investigate this a bit further later^^