How to put a new line into a wpf TextBlock control?

For completeness: You can also do this:

 <TextBlock Text="Line1&#x0a;Line 2"/>

x0A is the escaped hexadecimal Line Feed. The equivalent of \n

you must use

 < SomeObject xml:space="preserve" > once upon a time ...
      this line will be below the first one < /SomeObject>

Or if you prefer :

 <SomeObject xml:space="preserve" />  once upon a time... &#10; this line below < / SomeObject>

watch out : if you both use &10 AND you go to the next line in your text, you'll have TWO empty lines.

here for details :

You can try putting a new line in the data:

<data>Foo bar baz 
 baz bar</data>

If that does not work you might need to parse the string manually.

If you need direct XAML that's easy by the way:

    Lorem <LineBreak/>

You can also use binding

<TextBlock Text="{Binding MyText}"/>

And set MyText like this:

Public string MyText
    get{return string.Format("My Text \n Your Text");}