How to protect power strips from accidental shut-offs/"cleaning lady" attack?

Solution 1:

One cheap way is to get yourself a dozen or so 9-12" zip-ties.

  • Use a staple-gun to place a 2-3 zip-ties on the underside/back of your desk. Place a couple stables spaced to the the width of your power strip.
  • Put the power-strip in place and then close the zip-tie.

zip tie

A bit neater is to simply get a few cable mount rings. If get 5-6 and space these out about every 8-12" then you can collect a large number of cables to the under-side of your desk. This should make the cables/power strips immune from vacuums and so on.

cable rings

Solution 2:

Aside from completely replacing your power strip (with one that has a key switch), try a switch cover.

That particular site is where we got AC panel covers at my last job, but there are other places that probably have small versions suitable for power strips.