Android - How to prevent Galaxy S4 from connecting as "Connected as Installer" instead of "Connected as Media Device"?

After connecting via USB and receive the message "connecting as installer" on your phone's screen, make sure you're phone isn't on the lock-screen and swipe down from the top (or at least on my Verizon device) you can access "USB PC connection" settings under the "ongoing" tab. Check one of two options, MTP or PTP. This would be the same pull-down where you would quickly alter various settings, view downloads and be able to link to recent notifications. This will effectively switch out of installer mode so that you can access your phone's directory and that of any sub sequential micro SD card. Hope this helps.

If you have a Verizon Galaxy S5, please follow the instructions here:

1.In the phone dial pad, enter but don't dial *#0808#

2.Will now show the following, choose the items with *

( ) CP
(*) AP

USB Settings
( ) MTP
(*) MTP + ADB
( ) PTP
( ) PTP + ADB
( ) DM + MODEM + ADB

[OK] [Reboot]

3.Push "OK" (no need to reboot).

In android 4.2, it was possible to access a hidden setup menu and fix the usb settings. The 4.3 update reverted usb setting to the broken default. The access codes for the advanced setup menus have been changed or removed. Samsung claims they've removed access, for what ungodly reason I don't know, and repeated requests and hours on the phone with them got me nowhere.

Until someone can break back into the advanced setup menus, there isn't any way fix this behavior besides rooting the phone or reverting to a previous version of android.