how to play flash(.flv) video using video.js in chrome

You should use flv.js, an HTML5 FLV Player written in pure JavaScript. No Flash is required.

You can make a source handler to integrate flv.js with video.js

video.js can play FLV in the Flash tech.

If you're self-hosting video.js rather than using the CDN, make sure the path to your swf is correct, e.g.

  videojs.options.flash.swf = ""

Make sure to use the correct video/x-flv mime type in the source tag:

<source src="" type='video/x-flv'>

The server hosting the FLV must also return the correct mime type in the 'Content-Type` header.


You can find the plugin here - Not sure if this will work.

If not try this as well -

Regards, Shashi