how to open this type of flat cable connector?

Thanks for all the help! Here's the solutions for other people in need.

Solution for top picture Solution for bottom picture

I have broken a similar connector by using a tiny metal screwdriver. Instead, use a very small medium-soft plastic piece (spudger) to spread apart the parts. If it doesn't move, it's not supposed to.

The first picture I haven't dealt with before. I suspect that you need two tiny spudgers to push in the black teeth, then pull away out of the yellow enclosure. I don't know if the ribbon is embedded in the black part, or if it comes free.

The second picture has white tabs that are meant to be gently pulled away from the rest, allowing you to pull the ribbon out.

Previous experience says that the black connector should pull straight out from where it currently is. It should then lift up slightly, after it has pulled outwards. Put even, gentle pressure on it when you pull it out.

I'm having a hard time telling with the connector in the bottom picture if those white tabs will need to be pushed outwards or squeezed. I believe they will need to be pulled equally outwards.

Unfortunately I don't have any links or pictures to prove this. However, I have taken apart lots of computers and I have never broken any connectors or wires with these types of connectors.

Hope this helps!